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About the Project

Today's IT market across Europe is engaged with rapid changes using emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data analytics and of course Knowledge Management. Mobility of knowledge is a major challenge to profit from the products and services.

The project of “Competence Profiling Framework for IT sector in Spain” (ComProFITS) is an innovation transfer project (ITP) which aims at improving competency management in IT sector especially in Spain.

In this context, we do believe that "Competency brings Profits" and our mission is to promote IT sector in Spain through synergetic cooperation of Vocational Education and Training (VET), Labor Market and Research and Development institutions.

The project is coordinated by the Institute of Knowledge Based Systems and Knowledge Management (KBS&KM) at the University of Siegen (Germany). The consortium consists of university and industry partners namely Palle Damkjaer Consult ApS (Denmark), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), and Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation (Spain).

ComProfITS project aims at the effective selection of professionals for IT sector in Spain by its standardized competence pyramid developed in former funded CoMaVet project (Competence Management in the European VET Sector). Through interviews and productive requirement analysis meetings with end users of the system in Spain, the project will collect job knowledge and develop the reference and adaptive competence model for IT companies.

The target system will facilitate HRM departments in the effective selection of professionals on the one hand and individuals with recommendations for improving their VET competences on the other hand.

The reference competence pyramid in this project can be adapted and transferred to other sectors and geographical regions. The target framework is foreseen to be deployed in the cloud and be offered as a service (XaaS). The background database technology used in the project is aimed at Big Data analytics which guarantees the scalability of a system for large volumes of the data and applications.

Evaluation and application of the project will be accomplished by the involvement of the HRM department at Tecnalia. In this way, they will provide the required real data of IT candidates from the beginning of the project and will test the efficiency of the system for their defined job roles in the company.

A software Engineering department at the University of Gothenburg and software development expert from SAP AG in Germany and an IT professional from Artcur software company in Slovenia will be involved as a member of Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) in order to ensure the efficiency of the project results.


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