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14.06.2014 13:41 Age: 7 yrs
Category: Events

Requirements interview meeting in San Sebastian (Spain)

PDC made two days full time visit to Tecnalia’s headquarters in San Sebastian (in the north of Spain) on 28-29th of January, 2014. The aim of the meeting was to better know-how organizational aspects work in Tecnalia, with special attention to the tasks and policies the Human Resource Management department of Tecnalia are applied in terms of definition of people and job competences, career paths, current handling of recruitment processes, etc. 

The meeting followed an interview based structured methodology with the participation of two corporate people from the HRM department of Tecnalia, who showed a very open and proactive attitude during the meeting, also trying to extrapolate Tecnalia’s viewpoint to the Spanish IT sector. Open space was left also for a fruitful discussion about the current situation of Tecnalia and future plans of the Human Resource Management area, which delivered tons of interesting info and details to properly complete the Requirement Analysis phase taken place right now, which is the baseline for the ComProfITS system to be built.

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